A Full Body Workout

What It’s Like To Train with Us

We’re MORE than just a “kickboxing gym”. We make transformations.

Our full body workouts are designed to not only burn calories and fat but also to build and tone muscles across your whole body.


Upper & Lower
Ab Exercises

Each class begins with a series of Upper & Lower Ab Exercises geared toward strengthening and toning your abdominal muscles. Whether you’re taking the first step in your fitness journey or looking to expand upon the progress you’ve made, these workouts are designed to challenge all skill levels.


High Intensity
Interval Kickboxing

Next, each class features a series of high intensity interval kickboxing combinations. This is where you give it EVERYTHING you’ve got! Our goal is to put your body into an anaerobic state. If done currently, you can actually continue to burn calories for up to 72 hours after your workout is complete!


Upper & Lower Body Resistance Training

Lastly, each class features a wide variety of workouts designs to build muscle in either your upper or lower body through resistance (weight) training. We alternate between targeting your upper and lower body every two days. The more muscle you build through resistance training, the faster your resting metabolism will become. Therefore, weight training is an important part of your weight loss/ body transformation journey with us!