Joe is an awesome trainer. Group training with a personal training feel. Joe truly cares about each client and gets SERIOUS results. Classes are extremely fun and challenging for a first time member or someone who is in good shape. 100% recommend them over any other gym in the area.

Zach Oaks

Joe is the most selfless person I have ever met. He genuinely cares about each one of his members and will NOT let you fail! This gym has become a second family to me. His workouts are intense and his meal plans are on point. If you follow the nutrition and kill the work outs, there is no way you won't see results!! 10/10 recommend!!

Taylor Cougras

No matter what your fitness level is I highly recommend Joe Lantz’s Fitness Kickboxing. This is the place to see results. Joe’s style of teaching is exactly what I needed. Joe explains what we are doing and which body part we are working. He demonstrates so we know the proper form and he is motivating. The members are all friendly. We motivate and encourage each other. I actually look forward to my workouts. Joe is the best in the business.

Debbie Carson

Best gym I've ever been too and I've been to many in my lifetime! I am now a proud member!

Sonia Green

I’ve been working out with Joe for a long time. His program and the results you get are like no other. You get the results for the work you put in, both in the gym and with the nutrition plan. Joe’s program holds you accountable. The members are always encouraging never judgmental (we all were beginners at one point). The workouts are tough, but when you see the changes to your body, you appreciate how tough they are.

Chrystal Richards

I have never experienced a gym/trainer that is so dedicated to their clients. Joe and Jen challenge you, support you, push you to your limits and beyond, hold you accountable and encourage you. They celebrate your successes with you and work through challenges. They take the time to tailor the diet to meet your individual needs and also make sure your form and weight selection is on track during the work outs. I’ve never felt stronger, mentally and physically.

Alexis Marie

Awesome trainer and program! If you put in the work and follow his program you will reap the rewards!

Donna Zuppo Stasko

Best workout ever, highly recommend this place...Joe is a great trainer!!

Nikki Yuschak

The best trainer ever!! Joe really knows his stuff! Great gym, great people. He truly cares for every member and goes above and beyond! A blessing to know him. Workouts are awesome, body transformations are incredible!

Sonya Kopnisky

Best decision I’ve ever made was to sign up and commit to Joe’s Fitness!! I’ve lost 30lbs and have gained so much confidence! If your looking to change your health and get into the best shape of your life this is the place to go!!! You will not regret it! Joe and staff are the most caring and dedicated people you will ever meet!!!! They go over and beyond for every client!

Marranda Graham

Words do not do justice to this must come and experience it. All it takes is one class and you will be hooked. There is NO other gym in the area that has the results that Joe Lantz Fitness Kickboxing provides. Joe’s knowledge is off the charts coupled with his nutrition plan and dedication to the success of each and every one of his members. He spends countless hours creating workouts that change your body drastically and quickly! It is a gym meant for everyone with any body type...everyone can achieve their goals in a warm/welcoming and supportive environment. We are a true gym family, who support each other’s success. It is the most rewarding place to be a part of and there is no other feeling than that of reaching your goals and milestones on/off the mat. It is the BEST decision I have ever made...working out is now a way of life. Feeling in control of your health is an amazing accomplishment for those of us that have struggled with it our entire lives. If you want life changing results...walk in the doors and I can promise you that you will never want to walk away. Thank you Joe and Jen for providing this type of gym environment in our area!!

Melissa Thomas-Hackett

Joe is dedicated to all gym members. Workouts are challenging and exciting. Always changing it up. Down to my goal weight and continuing to build muscle. I've learned so much working out with Joe and his team.

Cindy Markijohn

Best decision I ever made. Workouts are challenging and Joe works with you to set your goals and reach those goals in a healthy and strong way. Life is too short. #joeknows

Candy Reed

Dramatic results! I’ve lost 60 lbs since working with Joe! Be ready to work hard, eat right and need a new wardrobe if you follow his directions in the gym exercising and outside of it with your nutrition plan! Find new confidence and feel more energy from week one. This is the real deal!

Tibitha Matheney

By far the best experience I’ve ever had at any gym, nothing comes close to the workouts you’ll get here. I’ve lost 30 pounds and changed my body completely. There is no way you’ll be disappointed if you just put in the effort!

TJ Price

Best decision I ever made. Joseph Lantz knows how to transform bodies quickly. He gives you every tool from workouts to nutrition. He puts everything into his workouts. In my opinion Joe delivers and has proven to me time and time again that he is the best. He has more before and after pics of people’s bodies transformations in just 6 weeks. I am very satisfied with my transformation and enjoy others success. We are a gym family. We support each other, congratulate others success, and always cheery and upbeat. If this is for you, please join us. You will never regret it.

Jennifer Gibbons

Walking through the doors was the best decision I could have made. All workouts require a person to be dedicated and put forth consistent effort. The Joe Lantz difference is that Joe and his staff will take your dedication and consistent efforts and MAXIMIZE the results!

I am not quite a month in yet, and I can tell you from my experience, Joe Lantz Fitness Kickboxing IS the BEST DECISION AND COMMITMENT to yourself that you can possibly make - I am gaining muscle, dropping body fat/weight, and feeling great!

If you are ready for a change, a change to really live your best life and be your best self, I would recommend this path to anyone and everyone. There is plenty of photographic proof to back up the claims...this program works and produces results FAST!!! It does not matter what size, shape, or age you are...if you put in the effort, Joe Lantz will deliver results!!! Don’t be afraid to stop in and talk to Joe and/or Jen! They are great people and easy to talk to! You are worth it!

Brian Hudzik

There are two parts to this process in this gym. 1) eating program 2) the workouts. Eating program is very generous, realistic, clean, and does not leave you hungry. The workouts are unique , targeted, intense, but doable no matter what size you are or what deficit of strength and agility. You will gain strength and agility rather quickly.

The transformations I see and I have personally experienced are profound. You simply have to see and experience it for yourself. There are thousands of trainers in western Pennsylvania and eastern Ohio. Many of them have gone to college and studied diet and exercise. Many have been in the military. Some have a earned online degrees which take a year or so, and they all add those type experiences to their resume , and their online bio. I can promise you I have been to many of the gyms, to those trainers with those kind of bios. I travel from Pennsylvania to Austintown Ohio because this is the only place that delivers what it promises; transformation.

Absolutely no need to look any further than this gym. All of the thousands of trainers in western Pennsylvania and eastern Ohio are not Joe Lantz. Because there’s only one Joe Lantz and he is in the Austintown plaza in Austintown Ohio. We are very fortunate to have this kind of fitness center offering this kind of opportunity. Joe Lantz offers knowledge, insight, experience, motivation, concern, caring and much more.

If you are reading this recommendation is because this is a divine appointment. You were supposed to be on this site at this time reading testimonies from normal every day people just like you; however, we have transformed our bodies in this gym under the direction of Joe Lantz. If you are feeling depressed, lethargic, hopeless, simply miserable, get to Joe Lantz fitness kickboxing and change your life. It’s also important to say that he always makes time for you no matter how busy it looks. The establishment is always very clean. I get more out of (3) 1 hour workout sessions per week than I ever did going 5 or 7 days a week anywhere else. The gym members are all like family, everybody motivates each other.

I have lost 53 pounds since February.

Deb Marcucci

Shout out to Joe and Jenn! About 8 weeks ago Joe and I had a tough conversation. On the scale I was 5lbs heavier than my previous milestone. But I didn’t look like I only gained 5lbs, I looked weak and heavier than I wanted to be. I was going through the motions but not 100%.

The scale was my enemy, demotivating me more than encouraging me. So we came up with a plan, a plan to trust Joe’s system...this time without the scale. Joe and Jenn monitored my numbers weekly, tweaked my diet when needed, but my scale at home was put away and my eyes were closed for weigh ins. I wrote every single thing I ate down and the times I ate. I meal prepped multiple times a week and made sure I worked out at least 3 times a week.

Today was an amazing day!

The first picture is when I met Joe, at this point I had already lost 32 lbs on my own, middle was 6 weeks and 25 lbs lighter and today an additional 20lbs gone. 

Be accountable, trust the program! 

Chrystal Schaeffer

Joe’s passion to help everyone who walks into his gym is what sets him apart from other gyms. You put in the work and he’ll make sure you get the results.

David Glavic

Joe is passionate about helping people reach their goals! He won’t give up on you and his energy is contagious! Can’t go wrong!!!!

Phil Lucarell

Joe is AMAZING! Muscles of steel and a heart of gold! He WILL get you where you want to be if you give him your all. He will not let you down. I lost around 7% body fat in 6 weeks when I worked with him, which was a huge transformation. I am so excited to be able to work with him again and can’t wait to see the results!

Kaylee Jackintell

Remarkable results. Joe puts his heart and soul into every client past and present. He may be tough on you along the way but that is what you want if YOU want results! One of the BEST in the business.

Chad Thorne

Awesome program, that will give you results. You will look and feel amazing.

Crystal J. Wells

People who suffer from neurological conditions, this is the BEST form of therapy! Studies have proven this helps with coordination, mobility and balance. It is so much more of a workout! Joe Lantz understands and teaches you every aspect of making you the best you can be. I know this because I am living proof! Thank you Joe!

Tammy DeChellis

Joe is an amazing person who is passionate about helping people change their lives!!! He encourages and pushes you to do your best. I recommend Joe Lantz's Fitness Kickboxing to everyone!!

Ashley Marie

If you’re ready to make a change, this is the place to start! Joe is the most capable and caring trainer. Give him your all and he will give you, your best you!

Heather Dean

Best trainer in THE WORLD! Hands Down! Pushes you past whatever you thought you could do and makes you better!

Jerry Wirtz

Joe is really dedicated to your success! Great classes and attention to each person to ensure you get the results you want! Give it a try!

Sara Oaks

Hands down best workout/trainer in the area. Truly cares about his clients. I get more results in 3, 1hr classes per week than 5, 2.5hrs per week at normal gym. Just the push I needed.

James C. Waldeck

Probably one of my better decisions in life was choosing to workout with Joe, excellent trainer.

Brian Blevins

I can not say enough good things about Joe. Very professional. Right to the point no gimmicks or sales pitch. He puts personal effort into each individual. Many many years of experience more experience then anyone I’ve ever known. Training under him is a privilege. Thank you for all that you do. 
Plenty of weights, bands and equipment to go around! The work outs are mixed up to bust through plateaus and keep you mentally engaged. Hint if they pick on you in class they like you don’t take it a bad place! All in good fun! Love it!

Zara Ariel-Gween Willis

Hands down the best place to go for that transformation you’ve always been wanting. The workouts are intense but fun and for some reason Joe just makes you NOT want to quit. Clean facility. Classes start and end on time. Friendly and supportive environment from every corner. Thanks for everything you have done for me Joe!

Chad Cromer

This is by far the best trainer I have ever had...if you want real results this is definitely the place you want to be!

Melissa Price

Joe is amazing! He really cares about you and your goals! Listen to him and you will be golden!

Nina Jon DePietro-Beight

If you want to lose weight. If you want to change your life. If you want more energy. You have found the best place to do that. Joe Lantz will push you to become the best you that you can be.

Alicia Williams

I’ve never loved a gym workout more! So motivating with immediate results!

Trish Rair Hrina

Joe guarantees results, simply the best! Working together we changed my body composition drastically in just 6 weeks. I lost 39 pounds and packed on muscle all at the same time. Yes, I said all this in just 6 weeks! Working with Joe is a no brainer if you want immediate results.

Rick Cook

I could not imagine anyone or any business more dedicated to help MORE to achieve a client's goal for health. Joe, and his hand picked staff will help you achieve more than you thought possible.

Perry Houk

I've known Joe all my life and you won't find anyone else as passionate about health and fitness. He discovered at a young age God put him on this planet to help others with their Journey to improve their quality of life. He's the best!

Craig Svader

When you have no shorts, go shopping for a quick pair, buy the size you think you are, get home, put them on, realize size 6 in women’s is way to big. Size 4 I am or smaller. So in less then 15 months I went from size 22 to size 4. Continuing this journey was my best decision ever. I have smashed every goal and more. Love my gym, my accomplishments, and my gym family. Thanks for always pushing me Joseph Lantz. Pamela Battaglini thank you for your positivity and encouragement. I have the best job ever.

Jennifer Gibbons

We recently joined and all I can say is wow, I have never had a workout like this. This is a "you get what you put in" place. They drive you to be better, we love it!!

Scott Rymer

If pain is weakness leaving the body, then Joe Lantz Fitness Kickboxing served a 3-day eviction notice to my body’s weakness at my 1st class yesterday! I am sure it would have been funny to watch me get out of bed this morning, and tomorrow too, but excited for the next class and for the next step on the journey! Joe and his staff are great! Thank you!

Brian Hudzik

I have been over weight for as long as I can remember. I've lost some and gained it and lost it and gained it... But with the help of Joseph Lantz and his awesome program I have lost as much as my 2 1/2 yr old weighs in just 4m! Joe loves and cares for every last person who walks through the doors of his gym and he gives 110% to each one!

Christina Kuebler