About the Gym

What To Expect from Joe Lantz's Fitness Kickboxing

Extreme Workouts = Extreme Results


What sets Joe Lantz's Fitness Kickboxing apart from other fitness programs? Proven Results

Our before and after photos say it all. We consistently deliver life-changing results to our member’s health, fitness, body composition and self-esteem.

Many of our exercises are exclusive to our gym, because they’re of Joe's own design! Joe constructs workouts that stress different muscle fibers with different recruitment patterns for maximum results! Joe has two decades of experience changing people's bodies. He can change yours.

Your best body ever is within your reach. Go get it!



Our kickboxing workouts are unlike anything you will find anywhere else. There is a lot more to kickboxing than simply aggressively hitting a bag.

At Joe Lantz's Fitness Kickboxing we ensure you are getting the maximum benefit from each session, no matter your age or ability level.

Kickboxing is a very fun and entertaining way to get an intense, effective, and full body workout.

Strength & Cardio


Strength and cardio training at Joe Lantz's Fitness Kickboxing not only challenges your muscles, but challenges your mind as well to keep you involved and entertained.

During our strength and cardio workouts, you will be using a combination of dumbbells, kettlebells, resistance bands, jump stretch boards, battle ropes, superbands, medicine balls, and a variety of other equipment.

The workouts will push you to your limits every week.

Nutritional Guidance & Accountability


One of the reasons working out on your own is difficult is because it lacks accountability. If you don’t workout, no one notices. At Joe Lantz's Fitness Kickboxing, we hold you accountable with weekly weigh-ins, body fat % checks, and nutrition consultations.

Joe's proven nutrition plan supports eating healthy foods, and is customized to meet each person's goals. We ensure you have easy access to all the information, guidance, and tools you need to succeed.

Abs are made in the gym and at your kitchen table!

Cancer Survivors and Patients Train Free


Cancer affects everyone. That's why we're stepping up to fight cancer with all we have. Since we're in a position to make a difference within our community, we believe we have an obligation to do so.

At Joe Lantz's Fitness Kickboxing, all cancer survivors, patients, those who have or have had a cancer diagnosis, can train with us at no charge.